What is Instawiki 

A single SMS application that you need to get answer for all your burning questions, may it be a simple calculation, a statistic data, people & history, weather, music, movies, and the list goes on. Yeah we basically designed an Answering Machine SMS App which will exactly find out the answer for your questions. We used service to find out the answer for the queries you ask.

How to use this Service

Type @instawiki your_query and send it to 92433 42000 / 92665 92665 .
Ex: @instawiki Abdul Kalam.
Above request will fetch you details about Mr.Abdul Kalam, the Great Scientist of India.




View on Sourceforge


View on Txtweb


Your feedback on Instawiki (hopefully constructive) is always welcome.


Developer of this application is not responsible for any wrong or illegal use of this software.


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