JAutoclicker is a Software for automating the mouse clicks at the positions defined by you. At most you can configure 3 coordinates to automate.



  • Detects the coordinates of the screen.
  • Automates the mouse button actions(right click,left click,middle click,double right click,double left click).
  • Configure at most 3 screen coordinates to auto click.
  • Option to set the delay between the clicks.
  • Option to configure the number of times to click in a particular screen coordinate.
  • Option to Pause and resume the clicks at any point of time.
  • Option to Hide the application in system tray and to issue commands from system tray icon.
  • Saves the last used settings while starting up the application even after the exit of the application.
  • A rich user Interface.
  • Option to integrate external library like Jintellitype to configure hot keys.


FOR USERS: -> Download the Executable jar and double click to start.
FOR DEVELOPERS: -> If you want to add hot key to this app. just uncomment the lines in and add Jintellitype jars and dll.







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Your feedback on JAutoclicker (hopefully constructive) is always welcome.



Developer of this application is not responsible for any wrong or illegal use of this software.